Chianti Country

Today a wonderful adventure – and yes a long day. Left Villa on bikes at 7:30am. Train to Florence with transfer to Sienna.

Bikes on train

Took an hour and a few extra hills to find our way out of Sienna onto a wonderful road through the Tuscan hills– and I mean hills – Chianti country.

Vineyards in every direction

Villas and vineyards, vineyards and villas

Quaint hilltop villages – oh yes we climbed those hills…and then the joy of the long winding descent. Sienna to Florence by bike -110K day.

Hey - there's another hill top village - let's go!

Oh Yea lunch! Pass the bread and olive oil.

List villages –

Legs felt good, Traps and neck very stiff and butt – from seams on shorts and bike seat.

The most delicious meal I have had yet – Tarentielle pasta in butter and olive oil with garlic and fresh tomatoes. Oh my…succulent!

Another hour finding our way through Florence to the train station – 1 ½ ride back to Lucca and the final 10 K by bike to the villa.

Camille, Doug, and Rose had garlic toast, pasta and wine waiting for us. Oh we love you!

That hot shower felt so good as does this bed.

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  1. Looks like you’re having a blast, Gwen. This is a lovely place. Like the photos. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

    Rick Kaselj

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