The Importance of Strength Training

Just finished reviewing a new text from Human Kinetics, Strength Training Seniors, An Instructor’s  Guide to Designing Safe and Effective Programs. It was a kick in the butt reminder of the importance of strength training to maintain muscle mass and bone health, to elevate BMR and promote positive body composition, in addition to improving functional abilities and physical performance.

Being the cardio queen that I am, I was feeling quite guilty about not including upper and lower body strengthening exercises into my weekly routine. Hey, I do ab curls and push-ups several times a week… So into the weight room I go to begin with 3 basic leg exercises: leg extensions, leg curls, and leg press. 1 set of 15 reps to start focusing more on muscle endurance then strength.
I followed this with a 2000yd swim workout, so the upper body exercises will wait until another day. I hadn’t been in the weight room in so  long I had to be instructed on the new LifeFitness equipment which each had about 4 adjustments per machine.
I’ll let you know how it goes. However, even a 20-25% increase in strength (which could be attained in 2 months with a consistent program) is significant. Maybe this will help to improve my climbing!

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