A shot of Tequila!

What an event! Ideal conditions. Strong swim considering I swam off course and the kayaks had to veer me back in the right direction. Couldn’t see the last buoy with the sun glare. I should have realized it when I was swimming effortlessly along with no one around me. I had a 13:28 swim split on my watch.

Great bike, I lasered onto the riders in front of me and just kept picking them off…one at a time. I love the bike! Tough run…hips seem to lock up coming off the bike and legs feel like tree trunks. Hot  and hilly…I walked the up hills. Final quarter mile soft sand run along the beach was brutal (they made you work for that Corona!). Crossed the finish line, collapsed into the slip and slide like a beached whale and let the water jets soothe my very hot and tired body. Then it was off to the water tent and onto Corona, quesadias and salsa. I had a 34:45 run split on my watch – not too bad considering the up hills and soft sand.

Unofficial 1:48, 26th overall woman, 1st place age group. Added a new flavor this year for all age group winners…a shot of tequila! Party time. However, my true reward…two 30-something women came up and told me how tough I was on the bike. They were trying to stay with me and couldn’t hold on. Said “I was inspiring”. That made me smile and says it all.

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