Life in the desert

Sally dog was barking frantically on my front patio today. Living on 11 arces of Tucson desert I  know that Sally only barks when there’s some varmits out there – coyotes, javelinas, illegals. So I went to check on what all the racket was about.

Surprise, I had one long slithering vistior at my door. And Sally, having been to rattle snake school, was not liking it one bit. She was warning me that danger was close by. Sally has taken on the role of caretaker and guardian of the property. I see her patrolling the perimeter and up on the berm down by the wash…just keeping an out for trespassers of any size, shape or species.

Sally dog - companion and protector

Well this vistior was just one big f…. gopher snake. No rattles this time. Just a reminder to watch were you’re stepping.

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  1. Aint the desert great?

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