The joy of the open road by bicycle

There is just something about being out on the open road in the elements of nature – the fresh air, sunshine, wind, smells, vistas – the climbs and the down hills – riding with a group, pace line or solo. It takes you away from the day-to-day structure and routine and allows the mind and body to fully engage all of your senses with the world around you.

163 miles in two days – Tucson to Nogales and back. Yes, I am tired. Yes I am a bit stiff. Yet what an exhilarating feeling. Great riding, wonderful dinner at la Roca’s in Nogales, Mexico, and amazing companions. Life is good! So get out there and live it!

We don't ride all day

Hey, there's time for a quick siesta

Flats are just part of the experience

Bring on the margaritas

El Groupo heading back to Tucson

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