Pole fitness goes mainstream

This workout arena was definitely drawing big crowds at the IRHSA trade show. X-Pole, the leaders in pole technology offers a variety of poles to select from for a fun, flirty, and effective alternative to fitness. Doesn’t matter your age, weight, height, or gender…there is something for everyone. Classes involve yoga, Pilates, flexibility, strength, and exotic dance moves to make you leaner, stronger, and of course sexier…..

choose the pole best for you!

How about this move...

However it does help if you have experience in gymnastics, circus performing, and acrobatics. Hey, just grab onto that pole and give it a whirl. Fitness doesn’t have to be mundane or boring!

I feel a bit over dressed.

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  1. Clarissa said:

    Thank you for covering this!! I am proof that pole dancing is an effective total body workout. The women in my classes are also seeing the physical results and a stronger mindset. It takes total focus to execute the moves so the mind/body connection gets a workout too!

  2. Thanks Clarissa. I agree – it was a great workout!

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