Krank It!

One of the hottest new group equipment activities on the trade show floor was the upper body spinning machine Krankcycle. Invented by Johnny G, the father of indoor spinning, the Krankcycle resembles a conventional upper body erogometer in which you sit and essentially pedal with your hands. While this equipment has been a staple in rehabilitation it hit the fitness arena in January 2010 and over 1,300 Krankcycles have been sold.

Shelley and Gwen kranking

In a recent study by the American Council on Exercise participants in a 30-min. Krankcycle class burned between 269 and 393 calories. The Krankcycle used both standing and seated exercises, single and double arm kranking, and reverse kranking. It was determined that exercising with the devise met the American College of Sports Medicine recommendations for cardiovascular fitness and a person who lacks upper body strength and endurance would likely experience significant gains.

So watch for it when it hits your club and get Kranking.

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