A Great Day to Tri

Look at that sun rise over McKale pool. The place will be buzzing soon when the first swim wave goes off at 6:30. I’m all racked and ready to go. Headed back to VW, turned the heat on and made breakfast and cup of tea – give me the caffeinated black this morning.

Here is Mary Cochran (Syncardia teammate) and I prerace. It was Mary’s first Tri – she was a bit nervous, but she went out and kicked butt – more on results later. Then there is Ted Pearce…National and World Triathlon Champion. Great athlete, all-around good guy and so encouraging and supportive of us lesser mortals.
Warmed up with 400, headed to lane and we were off. This youngster in the lane next to me took off like he was going to a fire. My plan was to swim my pace and not get caught up in trying to stay with someone. Well, he died the last 200 and I passed him on the final lap. It’s all about pacing…he’ll learn. I had my swim split at 13:50 – good, under my goal of 14:00.
The bike felt strong. I leap frogged with this guy who was 50 the entire course. I would pass him on Campbell and Broadway (the down hill) and he would catch me on Speedway (the uphill). The last 1/2 lap I decided to stand up and break away…adios amigo and thank you Norm for that bit of coaching strategy. I had my bike split at 34:35 – on target, my goal time was 35.
Now for the run…legs felt heavy coming off the bike, like running through taffy. 1 mile – 10:53. turn-around – 17:00. Could not pick up the pace mile 2. Struggled to stay focused…I just wanted to stop and walk…only 1 more mile. Was able to use my interval crack technique to increase turnover slightly. I had my run split at 33:01 – target 33. I’ll take it. Felt like I was going to fall down when I crossed the finish line. Luckily Z was there and held me up. 
OK – more later when official results are posted.

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