11 minutes of Super Bowl Action!

11 minutes of actual football action – yup, that’s all there is in an average televised football game according to a Wall Street Journal study of four recent football broadcasts. Football is one of those sports where it is common for the clock to run while there is absolutely nothing happening. And the average play only lasts 4 seconds…that’s an action to inaction ratio of 1:10.

So what are you watching the rest of the time you are sitting in front of that TV?

Here’s the breakdown –

17 mins. of replays

75 mins. watching players huddling, standing on sidelines or wandering around between snaps

60 mins. of commercials

3 seconds watching the cheerleaders (now that was a surprise)

Now, I love sport, and I even like watching sporting events, but 11 mins. of action in  a 2 ½ hour broadcast seems like a waste of time. Personally, I’d rather be out riding my bike…a much better investment of 2 ½ hours.

How about you?

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