Syncardia brings home more hardware!

Terry, Gwen, and Dale. Hey, where's Arlan?

Great performances today from Dale, Terry, Gwen, and Arlan at the Tucson Senior Games. 4 events – 1 mile TT, 5K TT, 10K and 20K road races – 12 medals.

I always learn something at these events. Today it was take it out stronger in the first half of the 5K. After losing by 4 seconds in the mile I wasn’t going hold anything back. In both road races it was a sprint finish. I was positioned OK, 2nd behind the lead out rider. Now I need to get out of the saddle earlier and click one heavier – and if I can’t hold on, I can’t hold on – but if I don’t get up, dig in and go for it, I’ll never get my wheel in before my friend and top competitor, Sharon Scofield. You did well out there today Sharon! I’m learning.

Sharon and Gwen wearing our gold and silver jewelry

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  1. Wow…congrats to you, Gwen, and your fearless crew of, dare i say it, “seniors?” As if.

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