Swim with Intention

I was in the pool all fall swimming to cross train while training for El Tour, to stretch out and limber up my body, to have an active rest day, and to relax (the water is such a therapeutic medium). Jan 2, 2010 I began swimming with intention. So what do I mean when I say I am swimming with intention? It’s quite simple; I have a purpose, a goal I am working towards (Tucson Senior Olympics), and I am mindful, attending and have focus during my swim workouts. For example, I registered to swim the 50 free, 50 breast, 100 free, and 400 free in the SO meet. Each workout is design specifically to prepare for those events.

Here’s the workout I did today and why I did it:

500 warm-up – prepare the body for more vigorous work, you will always perform better with an adequate warm-up

500 stroke work – work on technique and stroke economy

5X150 – hold times, 15 sec rest interval (ri) – over distance for 100s, short ri challenges cardio-respiratory systems and does not allow full recovery before next bout

250 kick with fins – develop leg strength and a stronger more efficient kick

5X100 with fins – bring in under 1:30, 15 sec ri –using fins increases arm turn over and allows you to swim faster, good for muscle memory. Short ri to challenge CR system. 500 is good over distance for 400.

100 cool down

Often my goals are event oriented, but they don’t have to be. So what is your intention when working out this week?

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