Get on out of bed!


Windy, fierce clouds, rain drops….downright blustery out there today. Should I swim or should I stay nice and cozy here at the house…always a lot I could do here.  It would be so easy to just stay in my jammies and work on the computer.

But I’m not into easy. I like the idea of being one of the few crazy ducks in the pool. Besides, once you’re in the water it is delicious. It’s just getting from the locker room to the pool and back to the locker room that’s going to be nippy….OK downright cold.

Maybe the real reason that I’m heading out in this dreadful weather for a swim is that it’s a priority for me. Good health is a primary component for living an active and quality lifestyle. And one of the best ways to achieve and maintain good health is through physical activity. In addition, that bout of vigorous exercise each morning sets the tone for my day, ramps up my BMR, and brings mental clarity. Why I wrote two blog posts just while swimming this morning, had a great 2300 yd. workout, plus expended about 500 calories…all in 50 mins.

So, no excuses…just get on out there. Make your health a priority. This is for you and being able to live life fully. It’s about taking responsibility for your health! What are you waiting for?  Go ahead and be the only duck in the pool!

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