Fitness gadgets go geek!

Hey - it buzzes and blinks when you are sedentary TOO long!

The Gruve - Hey - it buzzes and blinks when you are sedentary TOO long!

Ok, here we go with the 10 best fitness tech gadgets to keep you fit and exercising in 2010.

1. Nike Sportband – oh yea, a sensor in your running shoe to monitor your running time, pace and distance, and upload the information to Nike’s training site so you can track your workouts.

2. Wi-Fi Body Scale – it not only tells you your weight it will also beam it to your iPhone, your web page, and even the Twittesphere.

3. Phillips Activa – this cool little devise “analyzes your music library to match songs to your aerobic intensity,” and can shout out motivational feedback and words of encouragement to keep you on tempo – hence called “tempomusic”.

4. Gruve – measures the number of calories you burn all day and sets off an alarm if you have been too sedentary for too long! Oh baby – you better get moving or you’ll be gruving all day long!

5. Wii Fit – yes, the hottest selling exergame of the year!

6. Fitbit – this tiny little sensor will clip onto you belt, finger, armband or lapel and digitally record the distance you walk or run; the number of calories you burn; the number of steps you take; and even your sleep patterns.

7. Dancepants Kinetic Music player – hey you have to run to keep the music playing and to power the tunes. WOW, what if ever ipod was powered like this!!!!!

8. Samsung Myfit – Oh boy, this gadget not only plays music it is equipped with sensors to let users record their caloric intake and compare that to the number of calories burned during a workout.

9. miCoach – an MP3-synced pedometer, heart rate monitor, and calorie counter in addition it provides real-time, customized coaching to ensure that you are staying within your target heart rate zone.

10. Tweet what you eat – this twitter diet will broadcasts in real time, everything you eat and your caloric intake. Just want you want the universe to know!

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