Let me on the off ramp!

Yes, it is time to leave the streets of 2009 and the roadways of the past decade. Life travels in curveous and curious ways, over rough roads peppered with potholes, meandering (or sometimes struggling) up mountains and then zooming downhill, through sunshine, fog, and thunderstorms. And this past year has presented some particularly challenging life situations.

The wonder of “what’s around the next bend” tugs at my being and keeps me wandering forward. Searching, engaging, and often in awe of what the next scene will be, foraging for what the world will offer up next.

As I peer down highway 2010 I tingle with the sense of new adventures, beginnings, awakenings, explorations…a life I could not have imagined ten years ago. I’m packed and ready for this road trip – so buckle up, put the key in the ignition, start the engine, and let’s get rolling.

Adieu 2009 Welcome 2010

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