Fascinating Fitness Fads and Phenomena of the Past 10 Years

The past decade has provided us with some fun, sometimes fanatical, and yes fascinating fitness fads and phenomena to stay fit, lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle! Here are just a few highlights –

The stability ball and BOSU trainer, exergaming and the Nintendo Wii, pedometers, fitness apps delivered right to your smart phone, GPS tracking gear, Dancing with the Stars and The Biggest Loser, mind body exercise, zumba, body pump and cardio strip tease, pole dancing, boot camp training, aqua aerobics, spinervals, charity athletic events and the rise of the amateur athlete, kettlebells, the ab rocket, power plates, Reebok Easy Tones and Fit Flops, Tai Bo, core and functional training, online trainers, coaches, and diet plans, pilates and yoga fusion, heart rate monitors, weight loss surgery, and low carb diets.

But the bottom line is that the general health and fitness during the past decade in the US has remained flat and waistlines continue to expand. So what’s the answer to the burgeoning health dilemma? Stay tuned in 2010 – I’ll be sharing cost effective, simple methods, and motivating messages to keep you fit and to live life fully.

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