Staying Focused in the Swim

Today was an 800TT. It’s critical to stay on task so that you don’t lose count of your laps and you maintain your stroke integrity. To do this I use a 100yd continuous swim mantra.

25 – “long reach” – keep the elbow high on the recovery arm and elongate the reach, almost feeling the water with the finger tips before you slice.
50 – “reach, roll, pull” – elongate the reach and slide right into the roll before you start the catch and pull.
75 – “high elbow” – it should feel like you are pulling yourself over a barrel as you start the catch and into the pull – keep ┬áthe elbow high.
100 – “strong pull” – feel your entire forearm and palm working as a paddle to move the body forward, then follow through with a strong push before beginning the recovery.
Repeat – this helps me to stay present and maintain a strong efficient stroke through out the duration of the swim.
800TT – 13:39 – strong swim – on target for the Tucson Tri in March!

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