Did Sarah Palin ruin your Thanksgiving dinner?

I have heard of more then one Thanksgiving dinner conversation going rouge this year when someone began expounding on the virtues of Sarah Palin. You can imagine my thoughts when my own mother said, “but I like Sarah Palin”. Well the conversation deteriorated from that point as the merits and demerits of this political Barbie doll were sliced and diced, heated to boiling and past the point of civility.

Yes, for her fans she is the embodiment of vitality and truth, but for everyone else she is a political train wreck. And bringing her up at the the Thanksgiving dinner table was a sure collision course and recipe for disaster. How can one woman stir so many virulent emotions?

What is it about this absurd woman that is so fascinating to so may people? Well, the one thing Palin seems to know how to do is use the media’s infatuation with celebrity, hotness and women’s bodies to aggrandize herself. I mean, she has most of the Nascar nation racing for a glimpse of her as she media blitzes across the USA promoting her book full of juicy details of the timeline of Bristol’s pregnancy, how many hockey games she attended, how many moose she shoot, and the real scoop behind Levi Johnson and the the McCain campaign. Yes presidential issues and stock indeed. Best thrown out with the turkey carcass and not left on the dinner table.

Hope your Thanksgiving dinner wasn’t impalinieated with palinful conversation about SP.

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