Tres Amigos

I am so fortunate to have two of my Syncardia teammates, Tim Murphy (you are riding so strong and consistent Tim) and Dave Tiers (thanks for coming out of retirement Dave) riding with me to help on the hills and keep me with the with the pack, or pull me around if we get out there on our own. Yesterday we worked on climbing, pacing, pulling up, communication, and overall strategy. Good energy, good synergy, good stuff.

It was great to see the entire Syncardia team (missed you Marvin) ride together for the final group training ride before El Tour. There was so much camaraderie, support, communication, teamwork, and just good vibe going on the entire ride.

Now the hard work is over….time for rest, rest, rest, heathy foods, hydrating, more rest, change out the tires, and kick back and be merry. For saturday we ride.

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