Kids just getting more sedentary and fatter

A Nielsen Co. study released Monday reported that children ages 2 to 5 watch more than 32 hours of television each week. Coupled with another recently released report that kids watch an average of 642 sugary cereal commercials a year before entering kindergarten it’s quite apparent why childhood obesity continues to rise. Yes, the least nutritional foods are getting the biggest advertising bang, and the networks know kids are tuning in. Even when it has been clearly demonstrated that children will eat low sugar food choices when presented to them.

Parents, what can you do about this? It is quite simple. Start by unplugging the TV and purchasing fewer DVDs and video games – this means regulating the amount of viewing time. Spend more time in active or even quiet recreational games with your child. Don’ buy sugar laden cereals. Offer low sugar options with fresh fruit and yogurt. These three simple steps can make a BIG difference over time in your child’s health.

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