Cycling in San Sebastian


I rented a sturdy silver steed today and took off following one of the many bike paths through and around San Sebastian. The bike paths are well organized and designed next to the pedestrian walkways, so there is less dodging walkers. Or they are situated along side the roadway and marked with cones or paint as designated bike lanes.

bike path

bike path2

Specific bike traffic lights are also positioned at intersections and cross walks. Cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists are quite courteous and obey the traffic lights and cross in the cross walks, keeping everyone safe.

stop light


I happened upon a tree canopied side street that looked intriguing and decided to see where the calle would take me. It climbed for several kilometers past hillside villas and through a lush and fragrant forested area, ending at a delightful parque with numerous hiking trails high in the hills of San Sebastian. The descent offered stunning views of the ocean.

el mar

Cycling the malecon along the sea I visited all three beaches and navigated around the peninsula. The views were spectacular! There is just no better way to see a country than on a bicycle!!

vista para el calle

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  1. Michele said:

    Wow! So beautiful! Thanks for letting me be there vicariously 🙂

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