Keep Training Fluid

Successful athletes understand the necessity of a structured training program. They have also developed a keen awareness of how their body is tolerating the workload, the effect of the training on performance, and when adjustments to the plan are necessary. Training is meant to be fluid – that means you make corrections and leverage the ability to be intuitive based on how you are feeling and responding to the training stimulus, ideally with the help and guidance of a coach.

This week begins the last build phase before El Tour – it’s a 4 week build and 1 week taper. I am starting off gradually with only one strength training workout this week and not jumping too heavy on the milage. The Tumacacori Century is Sunday and will be a good baseline for the 67 mile El Tour. My intent is to ride it fast and flat and stay with the strongest pack possible. The plan for the next 4 weeks is to gradually increase milage, with a focus on leg speed and climbing, and to lean down 2-3 pounds by El Tour.

And I intend to remain fluid for the next 5 weeks!

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