Life in Lanjaron

Four years ago I saw a photo of a small stone cottage in the mountains of Spain on the Rentalia website . It looked idyllic. Immediately I thought, I want to go there. Bookmarked! Each year I would check the site and the cottage was still listed.

Today I am sitting on the flagstone patio, under the vigas covered by grape vines at a small wooden table studying Spanish with my host, Eduardo, who is a professor de Espanol. The surrounding hills are flush with Moorish terraces of olive groves and gardens, pathways, and small casitas. A lovely vista for gazing, listening to bird life, writing, reading, or enjoying a glass of the local vino blanco.

El pueblo de Lanjoron lies 2K below my casita. Lanjaron is located in Andalusia, on the southern slopes of the arid and majestic Sierra Nevada montanas in el sul de Spain, 50K from Granada and sufficiently off the beaten track. Because the pueblo is built on the side of a mountain you are always walking either up or walking down.


Overlooking the town is a rocky outcrop capped by a ruined Moorish castle. This area was the last Spanish stronghold of the Moors before the Christian Reconquista and the region has a enduring Moorish flavor.


Las casas de Lanjaron are typically Mediterranean Moorish, whitewashed, with a plethora of flores y plantas surrounding the doorways y balcons.

red door
2 DSC01708

The area is also know for its cured jamon (ham), miel (honey), and for its aqua pura (the pure spring water), some of the freshest, cleanest water you will ever drink. Over 20 small fountains are located throughout the pueblo bubbling with la aqua fresca for drinking. The spa waters have been celebrated for centuries for their curative properties.


plaza aqua


After two days touring Madrid and 5 days exploring Granada (a lively, bustling, and Bohemian ciudad with fabulous Flamenco) this tranquil rural life suits me. I spend my days with a Spanish lesson, blogging, reading, hiking the surrounding hills, wandering about Lanjaron, and exploring nearby pueblos. My hosts (Rakhi y Eduardo) appear a bit amazed that this Americana does not have a car and walks the 2K to town and back and uses public transportation to meander through Spain.

iglesia blanco

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    Gwen, you pick the best places! So beautiful and interesting – thanks for sharing your adventures!

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