Ginjinha – the liqueur of good health


Ginjinha or ginja is the famous Portuguese sweet cherry liqueur made from infusing ginja berries (sour cherries) with alcohol, sugar, and cinnamon and served with a piece of fruit (often a sour cherry) in the bottom of the glass. The recipe originated when Cistern monks mixed the all natural ingredients with aguardente (a Portuguese brandy) in the 15th century. The success was immediate!

There is no specific time for drinking ginja. The Portuguese tend to drink it any time of day. It’s like hitting a café bar for a quick shot of espresso. Lore has it that elder women who drink 5 ginjinha per day and elder men who drink 7 ginjinha per day maintain a strong physical constitution and good health. Perfecto! E uma gingjnha, por favor. Salude!


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  1. Gonna bring some back?!

  2. Gonna bring some back?!

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