Living Life Off Balance

We hear so much about creating balance in life – which has merit if your life is literally in crisis and chaos. But I propose that it’s good to stay somewhat off balance. When in constant balance, your life equilibrium is stationary, static, at a standstill, and you are trying not to let a sudden twitch or push shift the teeter totter too far in one direction. Therefore, nothing too exciting happens other then a minor blip on the screen, a small ripple in the pond, or a slight breeze. Where’s the vitality, excitement, energy, fun, novel experiences, adventures, bizarre laughable events, crazy life experiences, edgy stuff that happens when life stretches you to arenas you normally don’t frequent? Yes, it’s sometimes scary, sometimes invigorating, sometimes sad, sometimes joyful….but it’s always full. So, get out there and do something different, push yourself off balance. It’s all part of living life fully.

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