Negative Split

I like to negative split…in competition and in life. Let me explain –

In competition you can even split, positive split or negative split – here’s the difference :  
1.) even split (race at a pace that you know you can maintain for the distance, this usually will get you close to a PR).
 2.) positive split (starting faster then you can maintain and then slowing as the race goes on. When you go out too fast you borrow energy that your body cannot sustain and you correct by slowing down…sometimes significantly and occasionally ending in a complete blow up, with times that are less then desirable).
3.) negative split (starting s notch below where you know that you can sustain and gradually building with a bust out in the second half of the race and finishing strong). Negative splits almost always yield your best overall times. 
I like the negative split concept when I engage in a life endeavors or projects – a gradual build up of steam, cumulative combustion, and finish with an explosive bang!
What is your approach to competition and life?

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