Slow Travel

tunnel f trees
As I was walking today deciding if I should extend my stay in Playa Hermosa I realized I was contemplating slow travel. Not to be confused with personally slowing down and losing agility, slow travel translates to stopping and enjoying the journey, sitting for a spell to notice the beauty of the environment, the smells, sights, sounds, tastes, and textures that permeate the senses. You can be moving, yet still, peaceful, surrendering to the space where you are at that moment.


sand design


simple lunch



playa privado


Where have you traveled slowly today?

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  1. Eric Schindler said:

    What a thoughtful piece of wisdom. The photos are so calming, and as a person who has practiced “fast travel” – packing as many experiences and sites into short bursts of intense vacations (the reality of having a full time job as well), this form of travel seems appealing too.

    Enjoy Gwen

  2. Thanks Eric – your fast travel will begin to meander as you move from full time employment to retirement from employment. Enjoy whatever your travel speed is at the moment.

  3. I agree with Eric – loved hearing your thoughts on “slow travel” and also your photos! Keep on having a beautiful journey 🙂

  4. Thanks Michelle – staying in a new locale and getting local (not to be confused with loco) for a spell appeals to me.

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