Las puertas de Cuenca

door 1
As I wonder the narrow streets of Cuenca, Ecuador doorways line the cobbled sidewalks, some closed and others flung open welcoming local buyers. You never know what lies behind the closed doorways. Some conceal small resturantes, smart boutiques, household sundries, a panederia, a barber shop, shoes, jewelry, glasses, flores, the various vendors and array of goods continue. Other puertas open to courtyards, small driveways that lead to interior parking, and various types of casitas and mas grande casas.
door 2
garden behind door

The door to our guest house yields tiled floors and polished dark woodwork throughout with comfortable couches in the vestibule. Traverse an interior parking lot and you enter the communal kitchen and laundry, which serves the 20plus residents of the case de huespedes which we have rented por la mes.

La puerta a la casa

La puerta a la casa

Interior de la casa

Interior de la casa

A tall arched doorway leads to a large bedroom outfitted with a king bed, built in armoire, mini frig and private bath. Quite a surprise and a delightful find behind those closed doors.

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  1. Kathy Kretschmer said:

    Love doors and all that they open up to…enjoying your blog, hope your adventure is wonderful!

  2. Michele said:

    These doors are beautiful, and the casa sounds amazing!

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