This is insurance reform, not health care reform

Yes, I’m talking again and the only thing I’m hearing talked about in this health care reform debate is how much and who is going to pay for medical care and insurance and how do we get coverage for all Americans. I haven’t heard any talking about why we are so unhealthy in the first place and how we are going to change that. 75% of medical costs are spent on treating chronic diseases – diabetes, heart disease, obesity, cancer, and an assortment of other lifestyle–related conditions.

We could reduce costs and garner significant savings just by eating less, eating healthy, exercising more, not smoking, drinking less alcohol, and minimizing the use of drugs (illegal, over-the-counter, and prescribed).

Let’s add this to the conversation! And in the meantime, every one needs to step up and start taking some responsibility for their personal health. What are you going to do?

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