10 Trending Topics and Tips from ACSM Summit 2013

• Kids should be proficient movers by the third grade – there is a critical window of opportunity to create long-term physical development.
Avery Faigenbaum, PhD – Building Young Athletes: Steps to Success

• Body composition and muscle function are enhanced by dietary protein above the RDA. The amino acid leucine is a critical signal for protein synthesis to build and repair muscle.
Don Layman, PhD – Protein: The Key to Fitness, Performance and Weight Management

• If you are exercising regularly and trying to lose weight you will need 2-3 meals a day that contain 30 grams of protein each meal.
Don layman, PhD – Protein: The Key to Fitness, Performance and Weight Management

• Physician recommendation is the most powerful tool to effect behavior change outcomes.
James Rippe, MD – Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Medicine

• The physician prescription should be primarily for therapeutic and corrective action and less for medication.
Andy Baldwin, MD – A Physician and Triathletes Prescription for Health and fitness

• Physical activity, nutrition and weight management strategies are overwhelmingly evidence-based. Is the medical community listening?
Jim Rippe, MD – Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Medicine

• 95% of Americans know it is good to exercise, however, this does not translate into a behavior. A behavior is not a behavior until a person is active.
Jim Rippe – Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Medicine

• SHAKTI – a refreshing new fusion of yoga, Pilates and dynamic movement.
Helen Vanderburg – SHAKTI 2013

• High intensity and continuous training both produce physiologic benefits. HIT workouts result in greater EPOC, more fat burning, increased glycolytic and mitochondria enzyme levels and a higher Max VO2.
Len Kravitz, PhD – HIT vs. Continuous Endurance Training: Battle of the Aerobic Titans

• Our society continues to be challenged by a thin ideal that affects girls and women’s ability to live their best lives. Health professionals are also struggle by the thin/fit/perfect pressures the industry encourages. Focusing on a broader context of well-being (social, emotional, physical, intellectual, spiritual health) and integrating positive psychology skills into your training/coaching practice can increase your participant’s overall success with their program.
Lauve Metcalfe, MS – Body Image, Weight and Worth: Is there a Connection for Girls and Women?

Here’s my favorite…
When a clients asks me how much should I exercise?
My response is “Only on days you eat”.
Jim Rippe, MD

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