Sighting for Open Water Swimming

The Straights of Mackinaw

Swimming in the fresh water of the BIG lakes of northern Michigan in the summer is a wonderful escape from the desert heat of Tucson. On a calm day you feel like you are slicing through the water, gliding effortlessly. The clarity of the water creates a kaleidoscope of light glittering on the surface and dancing reflectively below. You spy the consistent landmarks on the lake floor – two long parallel logs, the raft anchor, the big rock, the three rock formation, the shallow water as you reach the point – familiar terrain. As the wind begins to rustle, the chop of the water increases and it becomes more challenging to maintain a straight line of swim. There is a skill to open water swimming.

Nice wake and look at that water!

Join Coach Leslie Thomas of to learn methods for how to improve your open water swimming proficiency and confidence. Leslie will give tips on how to sight in the open water, swim efficiently and in a straight line, how to see where you’re going, learn what to sight on, and how to navigate in rough water.

FYI: The Straights of Mackinaw is the large body of water that connects lake Michigan and lake Huron and is located between the lower and upper peninsulas of Michigan.

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