Fit Boomers Save 38% in Medical Expenses

Yes, I saved $2000 this year!!

We know exercise equals better health and quality of life. Now there is mounting data to suggest that exercise equals big savings when it comes to health care and medical expenses. A study presented this week at the American Heart Association meeting in Atlanta, GA found that fit middle aged men and women had 38% lower medical costs years later as measured by Medicare and other insurance claims.

The study was designed to determine if higher fitness levels in middle age are associated with lower medical costs later in life, and the results were compelling. Average annual medical claims for the least fit men were $5,136, 36% higher than for the most fit men, $3,277. The average medical claims for the least fit women as compared to the most fit women were $4,565 versus $2,755, a 40% difference. Fitness confers big dividends for health and finances, even when there risk factors such as smoking, blood pressure and obesity are controlled for.

In another study from the Health Partners Research Foundation, researchers found that adults age 50 and over who started exercising just 90 minutes a week saved, on average, $2,200 a year in medical costs.

Exercise is the best medicine we have and can positively affect many of the chronic disease conditions and dramatically reducing health care costs. So, let’s promote exercise for your health and also your health cost savings! It’s one of best investments of your lifetime.

What am I going to do with my $2000 a year health savings – two weeks cycling in Italy! How will you spend your health savings?


Here's what I'm doing with my savings!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these facts to us Gwen. I couldn’t agree more with you. People who exercise everyday are less likely to get ill and more likely to live longer. Well for me, to exercise a day keeps the doctor away.

    Keep posting. I am looking forward to reading your blogs.

    Rick Kaselj
    Exercises For Injuries

  2. Great news Gwen, and the benefits go beyond the cost savings and extend to just feeling good and enhancing life as illustrated in the photos.

    Now, how do we get those millions pushing the scales upwards to participate and reduce the big bucket of health care costs.

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