7 key behaviors for taking and keeping the weight off

108 million Americans are trying to lose weight by dieting in 2012 according to Marketdata. Being obese is a natural reaction to the world we live in. We have engineered an environment in which food is cheap, and always available, and physical activity has declined with the increased use of cars, computers and countless hours watching TV and other media.

So what are the best tips to fight the fat and excess consumption of food? Here are seven key behaviors from the members of the National Weight Control Registry, people who have lost at least thirty pounds and kept it off for a year.

1. consume a reduced-calorie and reduced-fat diet
2. Engage in high levels of physical activity (60-90 minutes per day)
3. Limit TV viewing
4. Use a high level of dietary restraint (just say NO thanks)
5. Weigh yourself frequently (if you gain 2-3 pounds, do something about it)
6. Maintain dietary consistency
7. Eat breakfast

Along with these practical behavior changes I have also found these strategies helpful on a regular or intermittent basis (like when I step on the scale and my weight is up 2 pounds):

1. Eat on a small plate
2. Cut the bread, sweets and alcohol for a week
3. Change up the exercise stimulus (incorporate several high intensity interval training workouts)

Small choices and small changes do matter. Eating 100 fewer calories per day can prevent weight gain. Walking 30 minutes a day can burn an additional 1200-1400 calories per week.

If you have lost weight or been able to maintain a healthy weight over the years, what small behaviors do you find helpful?

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  1. Liz Perry said:

    Brushing and flossing my teeth right after eating, so I don’t eat more!

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