Final plunge of the season

Look at that lake! Mid August and I must head south today. The geese are flying in formation overhead preparing for their sojourn to warmer climates…another sign of impending fall. The big Lake Huron has cooled to 65 degrees, yet remains glass calm and crystal clear. Peering down through my googles at the magnified rocks and sand waves as I swim, the shimmering sunlight forms a kaleidoscope of light displays on the lake floor. I notice the familiar landmarks – the raft anchor, the parallel logs, the big rock as I sight the distance Point Nipegon. Gliding, almost effortlessly in the mirror-like water.

Body getting cooler. Time to turn my stroke around. Head back to the dock where I will catch the final warmth of the season before heading south.

Adieu big lake – till next summer.

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  1. What a lovely place to swim and enjoy some solitude! It was so nice to see Michigan this summer – loved it all, especially your home by the lake.

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