Superior Cycling


Lake Superior is my favorite of the great lakes! It is the largest expanse of fresh water in the world. 1,133 feet at it’s deepest point. Home to violent storms, frigid weather, and ship wrecks including the Edmund Fitzgerald. The freighters that cross the lake carry more tonage than what is transported through the Panama, Kiel, and Suez canals combined each season.

Cycling the Keweenaw Peninsula which juts into lake Superior you become enveloped by the smell of evergreens…balsam, fir, pine, spruce…warm forest sunshine, deep water air, and invigorating breezes.

Here’s a glimpse of lake Superior country.







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  1. I can smell the northern pines and deciduous leaves, not to mention the breezes off the fresh water! Wish I was there, albeit the rock house on the lake sounds ever-so-much more relaxing!

  2. Lisa Abramson said:

    Beautiful photos, Gwen! I love those Great Lakes! Enjoy the fresh air, blue skies and lake breezes!

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