Cool parting glimpses of Rovinj

It’s 110 in Gila Bend and it is blazing hot here in Tucson…literally there are fires all around this state. Tinder dry from the drought, no rain and no clouds on the radar.

So let me post a few cool and soothing pics from Rovinj, Croatia, where only a few days ago I was swimming in the refreshing waters of the Adriatic sea.

Morning cafe. Another tough day in Rovinj.

Colorful Rovinj with its commanding bell tower

Harbor sailboats

Sparkling waters of the Adriatic sea


A bustling seaport village.

The best way to tour the area. Not quite like riding that de Rosa in Italy.

Just another peaceful swimming hole. Sans suit?

Che vita. What a life!

Happy hour!

Fresh catch for dinner.

The sunsets of Rovinj.

Adiu Rovinj…land of beauty, adventure, bikes and boats, fresh seafood, cool ocean breezes and wonderful swimming.

Now its back to work!

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  1. Michele said:

    I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your photos, Gwen. You capture the essence with photos & words so well that I want to be teleported there immediately!

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