Southern exposure–FKK style


The coast line of Croatia around Rovinj offers up some of the worlds best swimming and sun bathing opportunities.


The shoreline is rocky, no sandy beaches here. You can climb right out of the water and lie like a lizard on all those big slabs of rock. And the water is crystal clear.


As always, I’ve got my suit in my bag for a dip whenever I find the perfect rock or swimming hole.


But then I didn’t need a suit all of the time. Rovinj is a top destination for nudists and for those seeking southern exposure. The German initials FKK are the international shorthand for nudism – or free body culture, and the Germans flock to the local nudist camps and FKK beaches. And I saw plenty of free-spirited, naked bodies. Now I’m not talking about buff, fit, athletic naked bodies. It was definitely an overload of FOBs- flaccid old bodies. Gravity in full force, way too many low hanging, sagging body parts. Not exactly my idea of picturesque.

Now, what is she looking at?

There’s another one of those signs again!

Ciao. Time for a swim



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