What’s not to like about Italy?



Italy is like a nurturing mama, it seduces both sexes with irresistible appeal to all the senses. The antiquity, madonnas, female saints, goddesses, lovers, the fashion (oh the fabrics, leathers, and colorful mosaic designs) and yes, the food.


And then there is Venus, – goddess of love, beauty, fertility, and sexual healing. She is that gorgeous gal you see posed naked all over the country. Italy is Venus, a display of freedom, passion and immeasurable possibilities.


These prolific exhibits of female fertility, and wonderful women would be banished in the US by the religious right and christian conservatives…But in Italy women are revered, sanctified and loved.


And then there is Roma! Roma transforms the traveler. The world slips away, evaporates in the romantic lyrics of the language and the sights..va bene! Roma is the launch pad, the gateway to adventure, exposure, a new way of seeing.

Let the journey begin…


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  1. Nice intro. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Michele said:

    Another creative & fun posting! Hope you’re having a blast in Italy!!! 🙂

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