Do you have your pizza delivered?

Or do you get in the car and drive to pick it up or dine out at the pizza parlor? Most of the time we call and have it delivered! Why? Because, it’s convenient, it’s fast, it’s efficient, and it fits our lifestyle. When pizza first started being delivered, many people thought this was a crazy idea. No one would pay for this. However, pizza delivery service is now a main revenue stream for many pizza businesses.

Just as there are thousands of pizza parlors serving up oh-so tasty pizza there are 30,022 health clubs serving 45.5 million members in the United States (IHRSA, 2009). However, there are over 304 million people in the US and that means 85% of the population is not being served by a gym or health club.

Mobile fitness, an exercise delivery service, provides a great opportunity to reach a large percentage of the population that are not exercising in the gym or that are not exercising at all.

Mobile fitness is appealing to many people because it is convenient and eliminates many of the barriers to exercise such as:

Lack of time
Lack of professional instruction
Family and work commitments

Mobile fitness is one of the fastest growth areas in the fitness industry and you too can be a successful entrepenuer with your own mobile fitness business.

I use an in-home trainer because it saves me time, it’s convenient, it fits my schedule, and the money I would spend on a gym membership fee is applied to training sessions, plus the program is specifically tailored to my needs.

So check out the new 2011 Be a Successful In-Home/Mobile Trainer CE course for all of the information you need to start your own mobile fitness business. You’ll learn how mobile training differs from gym training, questions to ask before deciding if entrepreneurship is for you, how to write a business plan and find your niche market, how to set up your legal structure and financial business planning, strategies for marketing and selling your services, scheduling and staffing a mobile fitness business, plus so much more.

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