The beauty of age

The 50plus Chickacardias have arrived!
Well, I had to do some talking to get my over 50 women Syncardia teammates to ride in the Senior Games cycling events. What… go out and broadcast that you are 50-plus and getting older every day! Our society’s interest in aging is how to fight it and all the products to prevent it. I tend to subscribe to the alternative camp regarding the aging process – be active and age naturally with grace, grandeur and gregariousness.

We can’t change the fact of aging…but we can change the face of aging…and I’m not talking about tightening the skin or using botox – although it’s ok is you choose to do so. I’m talking about how aging women are perceived in our society, about reshaping the age we live in, about acknowledging the wisdom and beauty of age, about being a mentor and model for other women, about rocking the rules when it comes to what “older women” are suppose to do, be like and look like.

Take a look at these dynamic, healthy, fit, energetic women and tell me they don’t look good! Hey – they look great, stunning, happy, and vibrant. So you can whine about aging or serve up a good wine as you age, engage life, be active, get physical, walk tall and live life fully with vitality and vigor! It’s a choice.

Yes, that’s a 72-yr. old, grandmother, world champion triathlete, Jan Miller (blue shirt) pacing the 20K TT pack of youngins.

72-yr old grandmother and world champion triathlete, Jan Miller, front and center, paces the 20K TT pack blue,

These women are medal winners – not because of their performance on the bike…because they are out there, making a difference, showing the world that we are living strong and large…right to the finish line! Chickacardias forever!

Amazing women - Lynn, Judy, Gwen, Candace - You rock!

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  1. So, where’s the guys over 50? Austin?

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