Hearty healthy hugs

Physically touching another person with a hug, holding hands, a massage and YES of course naked skin on skin and enjoying sex can produce good health and promote positive physiologic effects such as a reduction in blood pressure and heart rate, increased immune function, relieved pain, and make you feel less anxious and happier.

The act of touch and physically embracing floods your body with oxytocin, a bonding hormone, that lowers cortisol levels (cortisol depresses the immune system), reduces stress and makes people feel secure and trusting toward each other. Activities that induce relaxation and that are soothing help to restore the immune system.

An important note – physical touching doesn’t just have to occur with a loved one, spouse or significant other. Benefits can be derived from hugging friends, relatives, colleagues, teammates, roommates, and people you don’t know…and even your dog. Health benefits have been demonstrated when you pet an animal that you know and love.

So what are you waiting for – GET PHYSICAL – embrace someone, give and be willing to receive more hugs, hold hands, wrap your arms together and around someone, get a massage, get naked with a significant other and yes have more sex!


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