1-1-11 – A new dawn

What amazing gifts the new year brings – one sunrise at a time. The dawn of January 1st calls forth a fresh start, breathes optimism, nourishes novel ideas and creates an environment for change and growth. Many of the moments will be disguised as ordinary days yet with the possibility to create something extraordinary.

I take solace in bringing closure to the past year and pleasure in charting a new course, experiencing the novelty each day brings and enjoying the adventure of the coming year. With this new dawn release your bindings, throw off the trappings, unhook the tether, take the bit out of your mouth, unleash the harness, shed the old clothes, let go of the resistance and open yourself to the possibilities. What are you waiting for?

May your year flow forward with a light heart, laughter, love, and lusty adventures as you approach each new moment with gratitude and grace.

Cheers my friends!

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  1. As usual, Gwen’s amazing attitude and life fully embracing activity and joy inspires us. Thanks – keep sending the energy!!!

  2. I’m feeling all your energy, joy and optimism, Gwen! Wishing you a wonderful 2011 and thinking of you and your family. Thanks for posting a breath-taking sunrise and more words of wisdom for us!

  3. Cheers and Kudu’s Who is that Masked Woman?

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