Hoop it up!

Now this guy is having fun!

This YouTube clip will put a smile on your face and make you want to grab your new dance partner (hey who needs a man…or a woman). Just put your favorite jive song on and start hooping.

Hooping is way more fun than the hula hooping you remember as a kid. Everybody can hoop, regardless of age, size, or sense of rhythm. All you need is a customized hoop that’s four feet in diameter. The rotation is slow enough that even clumsy amateurs can keep the hoop going.

And hooping is like a belly massage for the internal organs with lots of rythmic rubbing going on. It can be meditative, contemplative, playful, and fun. It will bring a smile to your face and make you sweat. As Philo Hagan, the creator of Hooping says, “It’s about freedom.” Freedom to move, to play, to let loose, to have fun. And that’s all healthy! So pick up a hoop and start shaking, grooving, gyrating and moving! Now watch this and you will havta start hooping!

Need a holiday gift for your family, a friends, or the kids? – it’s perfect along with this DVD clip for a bit of motivation.
What are you waiting for – start hooping – pass it on!

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  1. This is so much fun to watch! Makes me want to go buy a hula hoop right now! Thanks for sharing, Gwen!

  2. Guess I better dust of my ole hoop and get practicin…..

  3. I want a hula hoop too!!!!…and a bright pink wig!

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