5 easy ways to get moving

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Exercise can take many forms – high intensity endurance training, relaxing yoga, focused Pilates, strength training with weights or rubberized tubing – all quite structured modes of movement. It’s well documented that people who fidget, can’t sit still, are up and down from a seated position burn more calories, have higher BMRs, and weigh less. So here are 5 easy ways to boost your daily physical activity.

1. Stand while you work. Standing up requires two times the energy as sitting down. Standing desks are gaining and being upright may help produce more ideas, alleviates back problems, and burns fat.

2. Walk while you talk. Every time your cell rings, pop up from your desk (or couch) like you have somewhere important to go. Pace the halls of your office or your street. Pacing burns about 90 calories an hour, which adds up if you spend half your day on phone calls.

3. Use the two-minute rule. For some, even 20 minutes of exercise can feel like a life time. But you can do two minutes. Set you alarm on the hour and when it goes off do an exercise for two minutes (knee lifts, step hops, walking). If you stick to that plan between 8am and 6pm you will have added 20 minutes of exercise to your day and you’ll burn an additional 200 calories.

4. Meet halfway. Think of this as the buddy system. Make a pact with a friend to meet at some walkable halfway point (coffee, library, grocery store, wine bar). There’s something about having a destination that takes the boredom out of exercise.

5. Have more sex! Sex is the most fun anyone will have burning calories. Even the laziest people on earth tend to enjoy a good romp. And aside from the myriad other benefits it offers—like happy hormones, glowing skin, and less stress—it’s a great way to get your heart rate going.

So what are you waiting for – just get moving!

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  1. With the blog title and the final suggestion you make, I thought your last line was going to read something like, “So what are you waiting for – find someone easy and just get moving in that bed”. Thankfully, not.

  2. You know me so well Ken!

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