Surprise – Boomers are not as healthy as their parents!

Determined not to age as their parent did it’s no surprise that Boomers are the biggest consumers of Botox and hair dyes. But if you look past the surface it’s a different story:

• The obesity rate for boomers is double what it was for their parents at the same age

• 58% of boomers surveyed think that weight has little or no effect on their heart health

• Only about half of boomers are physically active

• The oldest baby boomers report poorer health than people nearly 20 years their senior

• Boomers are more likely to have trouble walking long distances or lifting 10 lbs.

• Chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes plague many boomers

The boomers are making progress in some areas – they engage significantly less in smoking and heavy drinking, two big contributors to poor health.

The oldest boomers turn 65 next year so there is still time to make positive lifestyle choices that can significantly impact their health, quality of life and longevity.

So what’s it going to be as you age – the Age of Aquarius or an early demise? It’s time to get serious about redefining aging and actually change the social norms about what aging looks and feels like. Are you up for the task?

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  1. Wow..that’s shocking!!! I’m not about to let that happen to this younger Boomer!

  2. Lisa – you are in a boomer class of your own – you keep going girl!

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