Bikes with a future

ROOnight bike - energy generated by exercise

Check out these 15 bike designs of the future all submitted to the Seoul Cycle Design Competition 2010 in Seoul, Korea. The mission was to provide a cycle for the city dweller to adopt cycling into the daily routine of residents to promote healthy lifestyles. The city on its part, promises to provide all the infrastructure needed to promote cycling in Seoul.

The Molecule

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  1. Gwen, this is an interesting look at the future of bike designs. The overall objective appears to be to produce an aerodynamic, ergonomic and green means of transport. Thanks for posting this.

    Rick Kaselj

  2. Yes Rick, if only the US was so innovative. How is it up in Canada?

    By the way – enjoyed your Rotator Cuff course – Look forward to adding it to our product mix.

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