A progressive plan creates results

It would be nice if we could get it right from the start, make it happen immediately, plant the seed and reap the harvest and create immediate success….the reality is that progressive and continuous progress towards your goals is the best formula to realize your dreams. Whether you are training for an athletic event, saving for a new home, developing an important relationship, or starting or growing your business – a consistent, well thought out plan that moves you progressively forward is most likely to yield success. And here’s why:

1.) Time clarifies perspective – and allows you to release biases, to be realistic, refine strategies, to integrate all of the variables and develop a clearer vision.

2.) Chunking builds momentum – creating short term goals and slicing an overwhelming project into smaller bite size morsels that are digestible and manageable creates small successes along the way. Momentum builds with small successes.

3.) Flowing trumps lurching – dramatic stops, starts, sputters, and lunges create waves and turmoil. A fluid flow forward creates progressive movement, allows for adaptation and results in steady progress towards your goal.

4.) Practice compensates for failure – hey, not eveything you set in motion is going to work. Adding smaller chucks or developmental pieces make failures more palatable and allow for rethinking and retooling.

5.) Showing up is half the battle – actually it’s more like 99% of what it takes to be successful – tenacity, perseverance, determination, stamina…all are critical ingredients for success and to meet your goals.

So it’s time to get moving – what ever it is you want to accomplish – you don’t have to do it all in one day.
You just need to get started, create the momentum and let the process begin.

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