Life doesn’t always go as planned

I confess…I’m a thinker, a planner, and a doer. I’ve got more ideas careening about in my head than I will ever be able to corral, saddle and ride to completion. And I’m not just talking about work stuff – there’s all that personal and life stuff too. So you sift, synthesize, prioritize and attempt to ferret out the most viable and meaningful thoughts and ideas to birth forth. Once the idea begins to crystalize, a plan formulates and real life action is generated. But sometimes things don’t always go according to plan. Maybe it was a flawed idea, miscommunicated, poorly implemented, bad timing, faulty judgement, under financed, or shit happened that just flushed everything down the toilet.

When life doesn’t go as planned let go of the map, get off the designated trail, and follow the terrain. Course correct, cut your losses, learn from your errors, re-evaluate and select a new path.

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  1. Such sage advice, Gwen! You rock!!!!


  2. For 35 years I have been exploring and applying the I Ching hexagrams to shape many of my choices and structure my endeavors. I have found that using the 12 Earthly Branches method of planning always leads to a realization of my goal in it’s most appropriate form.

    That said, sometimes I didn’t know what I was asking for until I got the form it arrived in. Then hindsight kicks in it’s darkest form; Hobbes ‘the truth seen too late.’

    Many life lessons have shown me to ask the Universe for exactly what I want and use Spiritual Alchem for the most accurate representation of my request.

    I am constantly surprised at what the Universe lays out in front of me in challenges and opportunities. Because I play the Infinite Game I accept it all as it is and apply it accordingly.

    A trip becomes a journey when the wanderer is transformed by the experience.

  3. Now that looks quiet, natural and inviting. Seems you planned it that way. I´d go forward, at least over the knoll to see what lies beyond….

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