Making the world a healthier place

OK – I confess…I am one of those missionaries who wants to change the world…even in some minute way. My vision is to create a healthier world and I am here to to propose we begin by being more physically active. Yes, there are many additional ways to a healthy vital life – eating well, not smoking, staying mentally active and socially engaged, wearing your seatbelt, and flossing your teeth to mention a few.

But my passion and heartfelt commitment is to the thing that matters most to me – living a vital and physically active and engaged lifestyle. And this spills over to the relationships with my family, friends, staff, collegues, at work, travel and play. Being passionate is contagious.

I will not dwell on the multitude of health benefits derived from a physically active lifestyle. I think you know what they are. I will ask “what physical activity have you done today?” And I don’t expect excuses or perceived barriers. “I should”, “I’d like to”, I’m trying to find time” are common responses that carry little weight and indicate there is little or no commitment to healthy behavior change. Physical acitivity is just not a priority. It’s about making exercise an important event in your day.

Your task this week – Schedule in your activity each day – make it a priority – hey, just do it! No excuses.

Thanks Gapingvoid for the graphic!

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