On the road again

There is nothing that quite compares to a cross country road trip – most notably in the Eurovan with Sally and my bike.

Listening to Bob Seger and Mick Jagger, books on tape, catching the hot local buys on tradeo on the radio…and then there’s those great country stations and Oh yes…all those conservative christian monologs and sermons about sin, guilt and penance. As the miles fly by the mind becomes pensive, the body flaccid, the eyes wide open to the countryside, the butt damn tired of sitting.

Five days on the road – Tucson, Arizona to Cheboygan, Michigan. Just enjoying the ride.

Time for gas and a pee

Great camp spot for the evening

Miles and miles and miles of wheat fields

My kind of traveling woman. We just have different tastes in bikes.

AAhhhh - our destination. The big lakes of Michigan!

And it feels soooo good to get out of that van and plunge into that cool lake water!

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