61 and exposed

I’ve joined the exposed movement – started by blogger mish@eatingjourney.com when she decided that she was tired of hating the way she looked and wanted to turn those feelings around and start to celebrate her body. It’s really about body image and how you perceive yourself and feel about the body you inhabit.

So here I am – totally exposed, revealing the naked truths about my self and my body. Yes, I have –

Silver hair – O’natural, won’t ever change the color – it’s wild, unruly, and all mine

Lines in face – store many life stories and adventures – don’t want anyone to take them away

Breasts – got to love em – a source of pleasure for me and others – so what if they sag a bit….just wear a sexy bra from Victoria Secrets

Arms – strong for swimming laps and they love to give hugs

Waist – hey baby 26 inches

Hips – broad and full – all woman – like they should be

Thighs – my tree trunks that pedal me up Mt. Lemmon and 80-100 miles a week

Calves – strong and muscular

Feet – these feet are made for walking

No makeup, hair dye, nips, tucks, botox, chemical peals, enhancements, or photo shopping – just 61 years of living life actively and fully – all the good/bad, ups/downs,  joys/sorrows, successes/failures.

There is still soft youthful skin, a  fit and athletic body, shapely breasts and a full zesty life. Yes, there are also lines and wrinkles, thinning hair, excess skin, arthritic digits, scars and blemishes… and I’m OK with that. I like myself and am quite content with the skin I live in.

How about you – ready to expose yourself and appreciate all of your great assets?

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  1. Ahhhhh, you could re-frame that with “soft youthful skin, fit and athletic body, shaply breasts and full of life”.

  2. Thank you SO much for joining the movement and most importantly the Exposed family. You look amazing, but more importantly your spirit is shinning through. Thanks again, it means SO much to me!!!!

  3. I love it. I agree 100% with your attitude and strive to be that woman that is just happy to be who she is, with all the attendant stresses of a life lived fully! 🙂 Lisa

  4. You are my hero. The fit and natural body, the lovely face permitted to age naturally, all of it. Love.

  5. Keep on keeping on. Don’t you dare change. I know you won’t. That’s what makes you a breath of fresh air in a lot of smog.

  6. AND, you forgot to add just how incredible you looked Saturday evening in your sundress. Just a beautiful young woman looking very amazing…..

  7. Gwen, I appreciate that you’re standing up for real beauty and have to thank Michelle for starting the movement. The younger generation could sure use shining examples of beautiful, healthy and fit women like you. Keep up the outstanding work.

    Rick Kaselj
    of ExercisesForInjuries.com

  8. Well aren’t you beautiful??!!! Way to go sistah! Thanks for the inspiration.((e-hug))

    🙂 – Kirsten

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